Small Press is Punk Rock


Write the book you dig. Make it loud.

Send it off to publishers who run books out of their studio apartments.

Make them bleed over it.

Get print-on-demand or 500 copies.

Do what you have to, and believe.

Go online, trade reviews, get readings, rep your tribe.

No money. There never was.

Take a day job for your nights.

You can drive 500 miles in a day.

Share your couch, and buy a book.

Do the work. Do the press. Do it yourself.

No future. Just words. When they come make them loud.

You’re free.



My Year in Writing: June

Roller_GirlThis month was maybe the strangest and most exciting so far in terms of my writing. There’s not a lot I can say at the moment, but my novella might have a second life. Everything is up in the air now, but I’ll be sure to post once I know more. Sometimes things you never considered present themselves, and at the moment I’m trying to balance both hope and indifference to stay sane. We’ll see what comes of this.

The edits for my short story collection have started up again, and I’m eager to get the project completed. I truly appreciate all the hard work my editor at Foxhead Books has put in..

At the moment I’m working on the second novella in the Roller Girls series (Jesus Wagon), and hope to complete it within the month. I’m also re-editing the novel which I had accepted for publication previously before I withdrew it in hopes that it can one day find a home.

This month  Necessary Fiction published my review of Last Call in the City of Bridges. At this time I have another review out in September, and am working on a third. I never planned on becoming a reviewer, but it’s important to support small press literature anyway I can. I only hope that my review allows readers to find the authors I cover.

Lastly, my flash fiction piece “Kids With Real Estate” was taught at the Governor’s School for the Arts creative writing class. The story appeared in my micro-novel in stories Bad Kids from Good Schools, and I was humbled to have it presented as text for a class of aspiring writers.

Who knows what the future holds, but I hope for the best. Regardless, I’ll update when and if something magical happens.