Short stories

“A Long Line of Liars” Blood Lotus

“The Baddest Man in Three Counties” Fiction Southeast

“The Blessed Event” The Southeast Review

“Boys and Girls in Motels” The Pacific Review

“Elementary Education” New Limestone Review

“Gone Away” Still: The Journal

“The Kid on the Floor” decomP

“Little Animals” The Rio Grande Review

“Rabbit Blood” New Growth

“Sea Change” Shaking Like a Mountain

“Sex for the Quarantined” Sending Nudes anthology

“Slow Day at the S.A.” 3AM Magazine

“Super Hero Suicide Notes” Revolution John

“Swimmers” The Atticus Review

“Target Model” Culture Cult Magazine

“The Problem with Pretty Girls” Hoot Review

“The Man Who Through the Sky” Heartlands

“The Medicine Man’s Boy” Southern Grit

“What They Don’t Tell You” The Southeast Review

“Space Man” Bending Genres

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