Poetry and other work


“Altar” Maudlin House

“Next Life” Tiny Flames Press

“Surgery” Tiny Flames Press

“Before Your Parents were Born” Tiny Flames Press

“On Silence” Tiny Flames Press

“Beth” Main Street Rag

“Sexuality in Literature” Main Street Rag

“Souly Together” Haight Ashbury Free Press

Teenage Pin-upZoomoozophone Review 


“Request” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

“Vellum” (b)oink Zine

“In a House of Dying Men” Waypoints

“Your First” Voices

“Bruises” Voices

“Drive” Vagabond City

“Diary” Rust and Moth

“Failure” Rust and Moth

“How I Write Poetry” Helen Magazine


“Seven Band Names That Would Be Impossible to Book” Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney Book of Lists

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