Flash on ‘The Flash’



Nano Fiction’s homepage had a picture of The Flash. I wrote flash about The Flash. It came out in Wrong Tree Review awhile back, but here it is again.


 The Flash

To the Citizens of Central City,

            That red glare who pushed you to the sidewalk when the taxi missed you by inches, that streak who moved the revolver’s barrel up as it fired, that stoplight smear of motion who raced all the children through the fire to safety, has to admit that he can’t hack it anymore. The world is slow and I am tired.

Imagine this. You’re stuck in a traffic jam and all the off-ramps are closed. You’re late for a meeting and dying to pee. All the cars ahead crawl. Break light. Inch. Break light. Inches. Break light. You’re built to bolt, and nothing moves. This is every second of my life.

Your world is meant for people who read menus one letter at a time. I can’t save you anymore. Tonight when killers fire their guns in the street, I will not run. I will knock you out of the way and stand my ground. I will freeze still, and be one of you.

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