My Year in Writing: February

journal This month there were a lot of developments.

First, and probably most important, I decided to pull my novel from its publisher due to changes the publisher was forced to make. After eight months we hadn’t begun the editing process because of internal shake ups with the publisher, and no publication date had been set. The publisher had originally intended to publish the book both in print and as an ebook, but notified me that since their financial outlook and staffing had changed they would only be able to release it via Kingle Direct Publishing. They were gracious in notifying me of this, and offering me the chance to pull the book. Though I appreciated their interest, I’d worked on the novel for seven years and wanted to see it in print. I decided it was best to try and find a home for it elsewhere.

This month Bad Kids from Good Schools  was released and is now available from the publisher and Amazon. I’m proud of the job Winged City Press did with the micro-novel in stories, and am glad it’s found its way to readers.

There have also been significant changes with my short story collection which is forthcoming late this year from Foxhead Books. The collection was originally titled The Geography of Love, but after all the changes my editor and I have made that title no longer seemed to fit. With this in mind, I’ve changed the title back to  See How Much I Love You which was its original title. At this point I’ve just begun the editing process, and am awaiting a publication date from the press. I did receive word that Ryan W. Bradley has agreed to do the cover art for my collection, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s done amazing covers for authors such as Ben Tanzer and Roxane Gay in the past, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

This month I’m concentrating on finishing my novella Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight, and I hope to get it done in time to submit to two contests. The deadline is getting close though, and I have a lot of work to do. Hopefully I’ll finish it in time. If I do that will leave me April and most all of the summer to complete my new novel.

For now I’m happy with the way things are developing. I have time, and the words. That’s all any writer can ask for.

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