Thanks to John Sheppard

smalltownpunkThanks to author John Sheppard for his kind review of Romance for Delinquents on Amazon:

“A short story writer must compact an entire world into a very limited amount of space. Every line, every word should be well placed and must add up to something. It’s a neat trick, almost like magic. In the best of this collection of stories, Hampton gets it right. He also writes in southern dialect in some of these stories, which is a fine line to walk. Go too far, you end up with corn pone. The first story in the collection, “Rabbit Blood,” nails everything, to include getting a child’s voice right as well. My favorite of these, “The Man Who Fell Through the Sky,” involves a fat man who is buying a Ukrainian bride through an agency (and is probably getting fleeced by that agency), and works at a tourist trap in Ohio. In lesser hands, the reader would be looking down on Henry, sneering at him, dismissing him as white trash, but in this story we are right there alongside him, feeling both the humiliations and the hope.”

Pick up a copy of his book Small Town Punk now. You won’t regret it.

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