Back to the World

winter I’ve been buried for months now with another round of rewrites and all the work that came with putting together my first tenure folder, but I’m gradually getting back to the world as frozen as it might be currently.

Tonight I submitted what I hope will be the final version of my new novel to my agent, and all that’s left to do is wait to hear if it’s ready to send to market. While I wait for the word I’ve started a new outline for my next novel, which I abandoned after 135 pages last fall when the latest cycle of revisions began. I hope to have a draft of it done by the end of summer. I’ve also recently outlined a short story for what may someday be part of a larger collection, but only time will tell.

For now I’m spending these long, cold days reading and trying to get back to good. I hope you’re all staying warm, and that the skies will break sunny soon.

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